Use of Accounts

How to Use the Accounts on Your Warrior Card

The Warrior Card enables you to access two prepaid spending accounts: Warrior Cash and Meal Plan. Each account must be funded prior to use and has unique rules for acceptance and the roll over of funds. (See the summary chart below.)

Warrior Cash:
Warrior Cash is a prepaid spending account that is established by you, or by someone else for you. Warrior Cash can be used to purchase food or convenience items at all Campus Dining locations, to pay tuition or fees at the Cashiers Office, and/or to buy textbooks. Warrior Cash is also accepted at Health Services, Housing, Student Union, Public Safety, and participating Local Businesses. It is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash around campus. Establishing a Warrior Cash Account is easy – click here for details. You or your parents must make a deposit to Warrior Cash prior to using it for purchases. Value in Warrior Cash rolls over from semester to semester and year to year for as long as you are a member of the CSU, Stanislaus community.

Meal Plan:
The Meal Plan is required for all residential students and meal plan dollars are accepted at all Campus Dining locations. Payment is made at the beginning of each semester along with tuition and other fees or through a pre-approved payment plan. Meal plan balances roll over from fall to spring semester but not to the next academic year.

Warrior Cash Meal Plan
Locations Campus Dining Locations
Pop’s C-Store
Health Services
Cashier’s Office
Student Union
Associated Students
Public Safety
Local Businesses
Complete list of accepting locations
Campus Dining Locations
Pop’s C-Store
How it Works Amount of purchase deducted when you complete transaction. Total purchase price of selected items will be deducted from your Meal Plan balance.
Roll Over Roll over from semester to semester and year to year. Roll over from fall to spring semester but not to the next academic year.
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